Need to get to that Radio Site ???

Snow getting a little too deep for that Thiokel/LMC snowcat  ????

Can't get there with that 4x4 and snow chains ??????

Need that propane tank re-filled, and can't get to it ????


Give Interstate Wireless a call and

rent a ride to your radio site in our

 Tucker Sno Cat !!!!!


Tucker SnoCat says: "No snow too deep"

(Cummins diesel powered - 4 wheel drive with blade)


"This is one of the biggest HEAVY HAUL utility Snowcat's in Arizona"

Call us and let us know your needs, BEFORE the BIG snow storm hits !!!!!


call 480-839-6258 (leave message)

YES, we will go "Out of State" !!!!

(Emergency 24 hour cell phone 480-510-5261)




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