Greens Peak


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Well, needed to go to Greens Peak to repair some of the radio equipment.  We were unsure

what the level of the snow was going to be in that area, although Sunrise Ski Resort was showing

about 100 inches on the ground.  On the way up Highway 260, we could see that part of the hill

did not have any snow at all.  The turnoff to FS Road 117 was clear of any snow, and we noticed

that Navapache Electric was there and had already gone in with their Snowcat.


I was glad to see that the road going in was covered with snow and we would not have to drive over rocks.

Actually had some really deep drifts in several places, and the 8 foot snow poles (what is left of them) were

only sticking out about 3 feet on top.


We tried to go up the hill by taking the road on the West side, however, it had already snowed into the road

and turned to heavy ice underneath. My plow was able to dig down somewhat, but we were still traveling

sideways close to that 33 degree tip angle of the Snowcat.  We had almost gotten to the switchback, and it was

decided that going any further could be a safety issue.  The storm was dropping snow on the road, and my tracks

were getting covered rapidly.  I backed up and then went down the hill vertically toward the West meadow.  We then went around to the East side of the hill and climb vertically up to the radio sites following the tracks of others

that had done the same thing.  Hopefully, we can get the Forest Service to get the road we wanted for the Snowcats this coming year.  Along with new Snow deflector poles on the road.


Got safely to the radio site and parked next to Navapache's LMC 1500 snowcat.  Snow was real crusty !!!

It had at least 6 inches of hard pack or ice on top. Snowcat did not seem to break thru it at all, and walking

on it was pretty easy, although slippery.  Thermometer in the building showed it was down to -1 degrees at the

site at some point in the last couple of months (outside).  BRRRR !!!


As you can see, there was several feet of snow and ice up on top of the hill.  Our guy anchors in the picture

on the left are snow completely in.  The anchor is about 8 feet below what you can see of the guy line at that

location.  About 3 feet deep next to the building.


Looking toward the North end of Greens Peak toward the lookout.    Well, we finished what we needed to do

and the storm was getting worse, so it was time to head back to the truck again.  Slow going down the side of

the hill, and then the 6 miles back to the truck.  Glad to be off the hill and down to where it wasn't windy and

snowing.  Time to head to Denny's and get something HOT to eat and drink.


More storms headed our way this month ...... The adventure continues !!!