Mount Eldon, Flagstaff   01-2005


Mount Eldon, North of Flagstaff. This is the worst I have seen this site, This was AFTER they had bladed the road with LARGE bulldozers.  We originally had to go in to the site the week before to take in some technicians to the Mount Eldon site, and encountered snow drifts up to 8 feet high.  We could only get to within 500 feet of the top of Mount Eldon, due to the heavy powder like snow on the road there. The technicians had to walk in the rest of the way.  It took us 3 hours from the "Y" turnoff at the top of the mountain to reach the base of Mount Eldon.  APS had already buried their BIG Tucker Snocat at the same turnoff, and walked into Mount Eldon earlier that day.


Everybody was trying to get to the radio sites today !!!  Picture on right is of the snow level, it came to the top of our Snocat's cab !!!


View of the towers, we had ice crashing down around us !!!


This is where the Electric pole snapped, and left the hilltop without electric for about a week, APS is putting in new pole here.


Hauling up that last load of propane to Mount Eldon, getting a little crowded up there.  Even though you could drive up the hill, you still needed a Snocat to haul the propane up. Even with our heavy ice cleats on this Tucker Snocat, we hit a spot of ice on the hill coming up that the Snocat's tracks just spun on. Had to back up and take a run at it in a different spot to get there.  Devil's head site still was Snocat access only at this time, they had not gotten the road plowed over there yet, but that site still had electric going to it.