Mount Eldon


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Well, here we are going into Mount Eldon again.    Need to haul in some techs to repair some damaged

equipment on Mount Eldon and Devil's Head radio sites.   Just when it looked like summer was headed

into Flagstaff more snow came in.   I got the call to be here the night before just before leaving work, and 

had to go to a Son's soccer game that night. When I got back from the game, I looked at the weather radar

map, and decided that it would be better to leave "right now" or face driving "up the hill" in real nasty

weather.  Packed up and got to Flagstaff about 3 am, and decided that I would just sack out in the truck until

I needed to head for the meeting point at 8 am.  It was just starting to snow in Flagstaff, and when I woke up,

there was about 2-3 inches of snow and slush on the ground.  Good thing I didn't leave Phoenix in the morning.




Top of Mount Eldon was quite different than at the bottom, there was still lots of snow up there, and each

storm had dumped just a little more until it had built up quite deep again.  The road going around one of the

hills going to Mount Eldon was completely snowed across the road and impassable, so we had to again go

up the south side of that hill to get up to the main Eldon radio site hill.  Up at the top, it was quite icing, and

the wind was blowing lots of snow around.  Wind chill made for really low temperatures.  Glad the Snowcat

has a good heater.




The wind was really blowing bad, and snow was falling heavily in some locations.  You could not see into

Flagstaff at all, and on the way back down Mount Eldon and turning at the "Y" to head to Devil's Head,

We encountered a "COMPLETE WHITE OUT" !!!!!  This is the first time I have not been able to tell the

ski from the ground. You could not see anything except pure white in front of you. So we sat for a minute or 

two, and then when conditions changed a little and we were able to slightly see what was ahead of us, we 

crept forward little by little, one snow drift at a time.  Finally making it over to Devil's Head.




And with the snowcat, we can deliver you direct to your door.   But please heed the caution to refrain from

jumping out of the snowcat directly into the snow.  The snowcat gracefully rides on top of the snow, but it

is STILL deep snow under there. As some people have found out after jumping out and sinking up to their

armpits in it.

Some of the heaters kicked in on the big microwave dishes on top of this tower, and heavy ice started falling

all around us, I had to make a sudden retreat to a safe distance with the snowcat until the techs were ready to

go back.  Quickly pulled up to keep them sheltered by the Snowcat, loaded up and headed back down the hill.




Wind and snow was letting up a little, and I could definitely see the road a whole lot better now.  The picture

on the right is of the meadow between Devil's Head and TV Hill.   Quite deep !!!

Getting there by Snowcat is so much easier than having to walk it !!!!!!!