Mount Ord -1/30/05


Got Emergency call to help get a generator up to Mount Ord, power had been out , and they tried to haul one up 

there by truck.  The generator got stuck in the ditch next to the road, buried into 2 feet of mud.  One of the trucks also 

slid off the road and was hanging over the side of the hill.   Picture on the left, We were able to lift the back end of the 

truck up with the Tucker Snocat's plow and pull it back up on the hill.  We then lifted the generator out of the ditch 

using the same method and pulled it onto the road.  Of course the Snocat had no problem pulling the generator up the 

road to the top of Mount Ord where it was hooked up and the site was restored to normal operating condition again.




Another picture of the stuck generator on the left, and the picture on the right is at the top of Mount Ord.  It is hard

to get good pictures and also do the work, especially at night, camera's flash does not really get a good picture.


A Sheriff's office vehicle was coming up the hill as we were headed down, seems the town folk in Punkin Center

were concerned about all the lights coming from up on top of Mount Ord in the middle of the night !!!


Did anybody call Art Bell !!!!!!