Navajo Mtn 12-2009

Got the call to go to Navajo Mountain by Commnet Wireless.


The cell site was down due to an unknown situation on the hilltop. This was just after the major blizzard earlier in the week. Navajo mountain is located on the Navajo Indian reservation, east of Lake Powell (Page, Az.) and just north of the Arizona/Utah border. It is about 10,000 feet high.

NavajoMtn-12-09A NavajoMtn-12-09B

This was the first time I had been to this radio site, especially with the snow cat. Normally, I am familiar with the hilltop, since I have to drive in to them on a regular basis around the year to fix our radio equipment. Since I did not have anything at this site, I was unfamiliar to what the terrain looked like, and any particular hazards that it may hide under the snow.

NavajoMtn-12-09C NavajoMtn-12-09D (Don't know why or how this picture on the right got nothing but red?)

We got to the top of the hill fine, a little hairy on some of the cliff side switchbacks though. A quick look around and noticed that the one of the cell sector antennas was laying on the ground. It had been ripped off the tower by the strong winds from the blizzard. It was determined that we could do nothing to get it back up, and new antennas and a tower crew were needed to fix the problem. Headed back down, and we would need to come back up here in a few days.

NavajoMtn-12-09E NavajoMtn-12-09F