Alpine, Az.     02-07-05

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Well, here we are pulling into the South Mountain, Alpine, Arizona radio site road off of highway 191 South of Alpine.   The plow had just come thru and left a good clean spot for the truck to use to back into the turnoff.   In the picture on the right, you can see how deep the snow is on the road.  Nope, you can't get there by 4x4, even with chains !!!

Just pulling into the site area.   Dropped the Verizon techs off, and let them do there thing.  I now have a few moments to take some pictures.  You can see how deep the snow is in the left picture.  Add about 2 feet deeper to the area that the Snocat has plowed.  The Snocat rides above the snow.  When I walked around the site to get other pictures, I sunk to the ground, and was in the snow at about 3 to 4 feet deep, up to my armpits.

On the right, it was a lot easier walking in the Snocat's tracks, although you would sometimes fall thru to the ground on those also.

Getting to this site was easy until we got to the upper pit area.  There was so much snow on the ground that you couldn't see where the original road went thru the trees. Just had to make a guess, and drive around a little looking for it. Luckily we could see the tower through the trees to guide us to it. It would have been a lot harder at night.

This picture does not justify the actual image of this tower.  It is huge, not in height, but in the size of the actual tower legs.  I can put my arms around the bottom legs and just touch my fingers.  The legs are that huge.

Well, after falling thru the snow several times and having to catch my breath, I finally got to the edge of the site and took a picture pointing towards the East.  Alpine is to the left, and Luna lake in the middle, with Luna, Az. just to the right behind it. In the background on the right is Reserve, NM. over the hill.   From up on the tower you can see South towards Hannigan's meadow. 

Figured I get a shot of the Snocat sitting under the tower.   Just think if they hadn't called us to ride up in the Snocat, it would have been a long cold walk.  I was talking to one of the Verizon techs on the way up, and he was telling me about the ride he had with another snowcat to Greens peak. They tried to get up past the switch back on the road, and rolled the snowcat over on it's side. They were real lucky that they didn't roll on down the side of the hill.

If you need to get into a site or get equipment to a site, please give us a call before you get hurt or damage that equipment !!!!!  Since we also talk to a lot of the other techs and companies, we try to keep up to date on what the conditions are on most sites.  Don't hesitate to call to ask about particular sites conditions, if we don't know, we can call around and find out for you !!!

AGAIN, if you have an EMERGENCY, because you got stuck, have a generator down or need a rescue for somebody, and need us right away, PLEASE call the 24 hour Emergency Pager number.  602-601-8324 (also has voice mail on it).   We will contact you back right away !!!